Geek Ink Updates: covers our exhibition

Check out the video below by Mandy Watson of as she covers some of the local art and comic scene in Cape Town.

On the Couch with Geek Ink: Episode 2 – The Road to Geekdom

We take a trip down memory lane with Geek Ink this episode.

Podcast version:

Geek Ink Updates: Open Art Community hosting their first art exhibition!


I’ve been running sketch meets in Cape Town for just over five years and to commemorate this, the community is having its first exhibition! Be sure to Like our community page and then come join us for an awesome night of prodigious people and amazing art!

On the couch with Geek Ink pilot episode!

A couple of friends and I got together to chat about the geek scene in Cape Town. This is our pilot episode, so we still have to work out some of the bugs. Some minor swearing if that’s not your thing.


Edit: I’ve updated the post to include our Youtube version of the podcast!

Geek Ink Thinks: Happy Valentines Day! But just so you know…

…Valentines Day is stupid.

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Geek Ink Thinks: My old university is slowly being burnt to the ground #feesmustfall

I haven’t captured all my thoughts on the Fees Must Fall crisis in this piece, but considering another building at the university I graduated from has been set on fire, I thought it was time to put pen to paper. I chose to do this as a response to an article written by News24, who interviewed Athabile Nonxuba. Nonxuba is a student leader and is connected with the Rhodes Must Fall and Fees Must Fall movements.

Disclaimer: These are the views of a native non-white South African who has been called a “house n*gger”, “coconut”, and other derogatory names by people involved in the RMF movement.

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Geek Ink Updates: We had a good run…

I’m putting the blog on ice. Or at least into refrigeration?

P.S. Lot’s of naughty words follow, so read at your own peril.

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Geek Ink Updates: Still alive

This blog and I are still alive, but university has been devouring all my time for the last few weeks. I can’t believe that I’m actually saying this, but I’ll be glad when I get back to work. Until then, everyone is just going to have to wait. I’ll have a more detailed update when I finish classes next week. Ciao!

Geek Ink Thinks: Don’t just #RememberKhwezi

This is going to get heavy folks, so if you want to enjoy Woman’s Day as if it were any other fun-filled public holiday, please ignore this and enjoy the rest of your break.

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