Having a bit of spare time on my hands recently, I was looking to try and clear out my backlog of books and graphic novels. I decided to pick up DMZ. I’ve had a few issues lying around for a while, and am regretting not reading it sooner!

DMZ is written by Brian Wood, and illustrated by Italian artist Riccardo Burchielli. The story is set in a near future America where another civil war has occured between a group called the Free States, and the United States of America. The Free States movement rapidly sweeps over the nation, and the United States moves to crush it. The conflict comes to a stalemate on Manhattan Island, which becomes known as the DMZ. Matthew Roth, a journalism intern, finds himself trapped between both sides, while trying to get the truth out of the DMZ.

There are sometimes great books that start slow and slowly build up momentum, and there are sometimes great books that grab you right from the start. DMZ falls into the latter category. I am only about 13 issues in, but the book has started off incredibly well. The story so far has an interesting mix of characters, and is fueled by political intrigue and intense action. I’ll be posting regular updates as to whether this graphic novel has what it takes to last.