100 Bullets is a Vertigo graphic novel written by Brian Azzerello and illustrated by Eduardo Risso. The story starts with a man known only as Graves, approaching different people with a case filled with untraceable bullets, and a gun. He also hands over a file containing information about how each person was screwed over, and who it was that screwed them over. How they chose to use this information, and gun complete with untraceable bullets, was up to them. As the story develops, we find out that Graves is part of something much bigger, and that the revenge killings are only a tiny drop in the ocean.

The main strength of 100 Bullets is the mystery that the series starts off with. Who is Graves? Why is he giving these people a chance at revenge? Who are these people and why are they important? 100 Bullets manages to maintain this mystery till about 60 issues in, after which the main plot points have been revealed and the story drastically shifts to more of a modern gangster story.

And unfortunately, this causes the story to lose most of it’s edge. It’s becomes a predictable downhill slide into waiting for people to kill each other, without any of the mystery to keep you hooked. Sadly, by the final 100th issue (I see what you guys did there), I was reading it just to say I was done and could write this review of it.

Graphic Novel rating:

First 60 or so books: Recommended read

Last 40 or so books: Not so much…