Paradise? Paradise can go f@^! itself – The Descendants Review

I was planning on writing my review for The Descendants after I watched it last week, but time seemed to disappear and I find myself scribing this one week later.

The Descendants starts and you might think it’s a story about a group of native Hawaiians, which it really isn’t. The story has two main plots, which connect towards the end of the movie.

The first plot is really about a group of rich white people who happen to have a bloodline connection to one of the original Hawaiian princesses who married into their family. As a result they own a large section of prime Hawaiian real estate, which they are thinking of selling. The task of deciding who to sell to falls upon the shoulders of Matt King (George Clooney).

The second major plot also involves Matt dealing with family issues at home after his wife is in a boating accident, and him trying to look after his daughters while his wife is in a coma. Unfortunately Matt is a workaholic, and has little or no experience with dealing with his daughters.

To sum it up, when The Descendants works, it works really well. The thing that works is the comedic scenes, which for a drama, is a bit of a problem. This brings me to the problem with The Descendants. The really intense dramatic scenes, are usually very hammy to say the least. In the few dramatic scenes that seem to work, they are usually ruined by horrible exposition dialogue.

“I am in so much pain right now that I must verbalize it to you (the audience)”.

Most scriptwriters know that when it comes to intense drama, you need to take a step back and let the actors do their jobs. Clearly the writers on The Descendants forgot about this and felt the need to spell everything out to us.

Movie rating: Worth watching at least once, especially if you’re a Clooney fan.


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