With great power comes great responsibility – A Chronicle Review

Sorry about the title, I just had to say it.

While this is a essentially a superhero movie review, it’s not your typical superhero movie review. Today I went and saw Chronicle, which has been getting some pretty decent buzz when it hit cinemas. Apparently this was mostly by word of mouth, as the movie didn’t really have much of a marketing budget, and was actually shot right here in good old Cape Town.

Chronicle tells the story of three very different teenagers who find a strange crystal underground, which somehow gifts them with telekinetic powers. As their powers develop, they grow and become friends, but soon events transpire that test the strength of their friendship.

Chronicle reminded me a lot of a graphic novel I read a while ago called A God Somewhere. A God Somewhere takes a realistic approach to how someone would act if they were given a lot of power. Chronicle also explores this idea by looking at the lives of three very different teenagers, and how they each deal with the power they are given.

What can I say? It’s not exceptional, but it’s pretty damn good. The actors all deliver their roles very convincingly, and the story has some interesting twists and turns. The movie is actually relatively light on action until the end, so even people who aren’t into your typical superhero movie will probably enjoy it. On the flip side of that, I guess if you go in expecting Spiderman you’ll probably be disappointed.

The only thing I can definitely critique Chronicle on is that there’s some slightly sub standard CG, but considering the movie was shot on a tiny (by Hollywood standards) budget of $12 million, it’s entirely forgiveable.

Movie Rating: Watch this now!


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