How about another piece of Pie? – An American Reunion Review

I stopped watching the American Pie series of movies after the second, mostly because I had heard that they were pretty terrible. A couple of weeks back there was nothing better on at the cinema, so some friends and I decided to roll the dice and catch American Reunion. I have admit, I was pleasantly surprised how fun this movie was.

American Reunion sees the cast of the original movie return home for their high school reunion, and it’s interesting to see how somethings have (or in most cases) haven’t really changed. Most of the main characters are married or paired off, and all of them have baggage to deal with.

And that’s as about as much depth as you’re going to get from the story. It does try to add depth and drama by giving each set of characters their own issues (Jim and Michelle’s flagging sex life, Finch’s desire to be a adventurous globetrotter, Stifler trying to relive his glorious high school days), which is a nice attempt at a story, but at best, it’s execution is pretty superficial.

But let’s be honest, sometimes we just want to sit down with a movie, switch off, and have fun. And that’s where American Reunion succeeds. Like the original, it embraces the fact that it’s a dirty comedy and runs with it. There’s plenty of filthy jokes to keep people amused from start to finish. It also looks for excuses for the better looking members of the cast (both male and female) to get topless (and in one scene, even one of the less attractive actors gives us an eyeful).

So if you’re looking for something mindless to keep yourself entertained for a couple of hours, you can’t really go wrong with American Reunion.

Movie Rating: If you like mindless dirty jokes, you’ll enjoy American Reunion.


2 thoughts on “How about another piece of Pie? – An American Reunion Review

  1. Well, I don’t know how old you are, but if you are around the age of those in the movie, I don’t understand how you can write it off as “superficial”. I’m not saying there is some deep meaning to the whole thing, but give it a bit more credit than that. Every person in the main cast is dealing with something that people of that generation can relate to. It might be that your married life is going through some problems (Jim), you never managed to be what you always thought you would (Finch), or you are afraid to grow up and really take on the life of an adult (Stifler). While I don’t think that this movie is a timeless tale, it does deserve what credit it earned.


    1. I am about the age of most of the characters in the movie, but I still think the story is a bit superficial. Perhaps to clarify a bit what I mean: the “story” is the weakest part of the movie. It isn’t terrible, but it’s definitely very predictable and doesn’t really spend enough time with each character in order for us to connect to their specific problem. For example, a similar movie is 21 Jump Street, which has a predictable story, but gives us time to see how each character adapts and deals with high school now, compared to when they were teenagers a few years ago, and how that helps them solve the drug case.

      Maybe the characters develop more over the entire series of movies, but like I said, I stopped watching at American Pie 2, so I can’t really comment if that’s the case.


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