Geek Ink Thinks: Baby, you could been a star!

Seventeen years ago the first ever computer generated movie hit the big screen. As ground breaking as Toy Story was for the time, I doubt anyone ever thought that Woody and Buzz would ever replace flesh and blood actors.

For all you aspiring actors and singers, I got some bad news. Yours days are numbered.  How much time do you have left? I don’t know.

All I do know is that it all started in 2006…

One of the acts listed to play live at the 2006 Grammy Awards was Gorillaz. But wait a minute, Gorillaz are an animated band. They aren’t even real! That didn’t stop a bunch of really smart people, with some really great (and expensive) technology from doing this:


This was followed a few years later by the hit j-pop sensation, Hatsune Miku, who sings using a completely synthesized voice. Her voice was built using samples of the voice actress Saki Fujita, but  the samples were used to create all the Japanese phonics, which can then be strung together to create words without the need for an actual singer.


I bet you’re thinking “Oh these are cartoony looking characters. They may find a niche along side real life performers but the will never replace the real deal.” I wouldn’t put any money on that. 2012 will be remembered as the year that one of the biggest rappers ever, rose from the dead.


As excited as I am by advancements in technology, part of me is wondering what do we stand to lose?


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