Geek Ink Thinks: Très geek (TM)

I posted a while ago ( about how I would be trawling Cape Town’s seedy fashion stores in the hope of finding awesome geek fashion. I have begun this dangerous journey and so far things aren’t looking good. I spent two afternoons looking through mainstream stores, like Edgars, Truworths, and Mr Price, which have nothing to offer a fashion conscious geek. The only mainstream store which has awesome and geeky clothes is Jay Jays, which I already knew about. The problem with Jay Jays is that some months you’ll find tons of awesome swag, but then there will be nothing decent for ages. I suppose this is true of all clothing chains but it’s not like I horde my small amount of excess cash in the hope that Jay Jays gets some sexy T’s.

I have also been searching around online and have found t-shirts and hoodies but have encountered a couple of problems:

  • The first problem is I live in Africa, and for some reason that means most international companies won’t ship here via regular mail. I have to use express shipping which means I have to pay $30-$50 in shipping for a $20 t-shirt (third world problems?).
  • The second is that the sites that do offer cheaper shipping are most of the custom t-shirt sites. So it’s not official gear, and while the print quality is decent, it’s not great.

I haven’t yet had the chance to check out Kloof Street (I can feel my wallet quivering in fear) but I think I shall have to at some point soon.

I bet Moss never has these problems…

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