We’re under attack! – An Iron Sky Review

Is it aliens?

No sir.

Evil giant robots?

No sir.

Damn it man! Then what is it?

Nazis sir. Nazis… from the dark side of the moon.


In Iron Sky, the last remnants of the Nazi regime somehow made it to the dark side of the moon after World War 2 and have been living there ever since. They are discovered over 70 years later by an American crew who have returned in search of something called Helium 3. Before the Americans can send word about their discovery, their ship is destroyed and almost the entire crew killed. One man is captured alive and taken to be questioned.

Iron Sky is a relatively low budget (approximately ten million dollars spent) B movie (I use the term with the utmost affection). To Mr Timo Vuorensola, I clap my hands and say “Well done.” You’ve shown Hollywood you can produce a good looking, entertaining, sci-fi movie (albeit one that doesn’t take itself at all seriously) without spending one hundred million dollars on special effects alone.

I loved the design of the steampunk technology that the Nazis wield vs the advanced and modern technology that the “earthlings” have. Iron Sky, while being intentionally over the top, never feels forced or staged. The actors succeed in being ridiculous, while at the same time being believable. It’s quite funny, mostly because it isn’t afraid to stand on people’s toes from time to time, and heartily abuse many stereotypes. The story isn’t too great, but really, it’s about Nazis from space! If you’re expecting an intricate plot and deep characters from that idea you’re clearly shopping in the wrong aisle. Maybe you should check out Prometheus instead https://rowango.wordpress.com/2012/06/12/in-space-no-one-can-hear-you-scream-about-the-plot-holes-and-poor-characters/ …oh, never mind.


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