The secrets we keep… – A Match Point Review

Woody Allen. Some people love him. Some people hate him. I’ve seen Vicki Christina Barcelona, Whatever Works, and having just finished Match Point, I find myself in the former category. I regret not having developed an interest in his work sooner, since there seems to be a lot of overlap between Woody Allen’s attitude and mine. Expect to see more of his films popping up on here in the near future. But for now, onto Match Point.

Match Point is the story of Chris Wilton (Johnathan Meyers), a recently retired tennis pro, who becomes friends with the rich and powerfull Hewett family. While visiting them he bumps into seductive Nola (Scarlett Johannsen) who is dating Tom (Matthew Goode), son of the Hewett family and Chris’ friend. Chris is drawn to Nola, but soon finds himself in a relationship with Chloe Hewett (Emily Mortimer). Emily’s father takes Chris in under his wing and a wealth of opportunities lie before him. Chris marries Emily, easily climbs up the corporate ladder thanks to his father-in-law’s influence and finds himself living a life some can only dream of. There is only one thing Chris still desires, but has yet to obtain. Nola.

Match Point is an honest, and dark, look at a man who chooses to lives a double life that is veiled in secrecy and lies. Excellent performances from Johannsen and Meyers, and an interesting script, were only marred by the final twenty five minutes, which in my opinion took too long to wrap things up (I’m a little bit ashamed to admit that I actually skipped through the ending). Definitely the darkest of the three Woody Allen movies I’ve seen so far, it’s non-the-less an excellent film which has reignited my interest in Woody Allen’s works.

Movie Rating: An excellent, if somewhat long-winded, drama. A must see, even if you’re not a Woody Allen fan.


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