Before you all turn and head for the hills, anime music is not all about J-Pop (although some of it is).

The post about Kids on the slope reminded me there’s some great music in anime. Unfortunately a lot of people look at anime and go “oh you mean like Dragonball Z?”. While I am a closet DBZ fan, there’s a lot of other shows out there, and a lot of great music. So in honour of that great music, I’ve decided to put up a few of my favourite songs from anime. I’ll probably do a follow up to this in the near future.

I cannot think of a better place to start than with some mellow and upbeat jazz from Cowboy Bebop (Yoko Kanno can you do no wrong?):

The following is taken from Mushishi and is a acoustic piece with some vocals by Ally Kerr:

Heading into slightly more surreal J-rock territory with The Pillows. These songs are from the FLCL soundtrack (try not to worry too much about the Japanese lyrics and just focus on the music):

If Hans Zimmer were Japanese, he would be Joe Hisaishi. These songs are from the Princess Mononoke soundtrack:

And wrapping things up with yet another Yoko Kanno song, this hard to describe piece is from Macross Plus: