Geek Ink Thinks: With great bandwidth, comes great responsibility

Do you spend all your time stalking your ex on Facebook? Looking at pictures of cute kittens on CanIhazcheeseburger? Laughing at jokes stolen from SomethingAwful on 9gag?

If you’d like to do something more productive with your time, check out the following websites:

Code Academy!/exercises/0

This site could be incredibly helpful for anyone who wants to start programming but needs to learn the basics. The course is designed to start you off with Javascript, although I don’t really know how this compares to other programming languages. I made a start on the Code Academy programming course, but unfortunately lack of time and interest meant I fell behind and eventually gave it up.


I heard about Memrise through a friend of mine who was practicing Italian. I studied French for 3 years between high school and university, and though it would be a good idea to brush up on my old language skills. Memrise offers a variety of different learning courses including languages, art, and a couple of general knowledge courses.

The language courses use a variety of teaching tricks to help you commit the language to memory including pictures, stories, and games. I can’t speak for the other courses, but the French course has been great in helping me reignite my interest in French.

The Khan Academy

The Khan Academy has quite a story behind it. Salman Khan worked in finance and posted math tutorials on Youtube to help his friends and family. His tutorials grew in popularity, and the positive feedback he was receiving was so great that he decided to quit his day job to start an online school called The Khan Academy. The Khan Academy is a non-profit organisation who is funded by many backers, including Google and Bill Gates.

The Khan Academy covers a huge amount of content including math, science, and various humanities subjects. There is also content you can use to test yourself. I’m not studying anything through The Khan Academy, but it’s definitely an incredibly valuable resource for anyone who cannot afford formal education, or wants to supplement what they have learnt.

TedX Talks

If you are going to sit and watch videos on the Internet, the least you can do is make sure they’re educational. The TedX talks cover a huge range of topics varying from alternative energy to music to mental development strategies.


SuperBetter isn’t educational in the way the above websites are. It’s actually a mental development tool that was developed by Jane McGonigal. She had an accident which left her bed ridden and unable to perform almost any kind of mental exercise. She was basically trapped in a bed staring at four boring walls day in and day out. Needless to say this caused a terrible case of depression and she eventually became suicidal due to sheer boredom. She decided to apply her game design knowledge to try and fix her problem, and this resulted in SuperBetter.

So the next time feel bad about spending all that time on Twitter, pop by one of these sites. You may just find them more interesting.


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