I mentioned Kuroko’s Basketball in an earlier post (https://rowango.wordpress.com/2012/05/29/2012-a-good-year-for-anime/) and was worried that it was heading towards predictable shounen anime territory.


As expected, it’s predictable and filled with shounen manga stereotypes. It also happens to be absolutely awesome. I might feel this way because I’m a bit of a closet NBA fan (I sometimes stay up till 2 am in the morning when visiting my parents to watch basketball on ESPN) and actually used to enjoy basketball when I played with my friends in highschool.

I finished the first story arc (13 episodes) a couple of weeks back and have been meaning to blog about it. Yes, it’s ultimately quite shallow, but it’s packed with action and the pacing and animation are so awesome that I’m willing to forgive it’s weaknesses. I have no idea how many episodes Kuroko’s is going to be, but so far, so good!