I think I nailed him – A Goon Review

Seann William Scott, best known for his role as Stifler in the American Pie movies, is an actor I would like to see in something other than a comedy. After I watched the interview above, I realised that this is a guy who is really dedicated to his craft, and is also grateful to have a job doing something he enjoys. He’s unfortunately become a bit typecast, but I feel given the opportunity, he could show that there’s actually a lot more to his acting skills. Goon, while still being the type of movie he usually stars in, allows him to move a bit outside of the usual characters he’s cast as and shows that he could probably pull more in-depth characters, if only he was given a chance.

Goon is the story of Doug Platt (Seann William Scott), an adopted child in an intelligent, well off Jewish family. Unfortunately for Doug, he’s less than smart, and gets by working as security or bouncing at night clubs. He’s out one night with his best friend Ryan (Jay Baruchel) at an ice hockey game. Ryan provokes one of the players, who climbs into the stands to exact his revenge. Doug steps in and beats the hell out of him, despite the fact that his opponent is protected from head to toe by hockey gear. This gets the attention of the team’s coach, who decides to hire Doug as the teams resident brawler.

While Goon is an incredibly predictable sports movie, it’s still a highly entertaining one.

Seann William Scott is joined by Jay Baruchel (Norah’s ex Tal from Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist), Alison Pill (Kim from Scott Pilgrim vs The World), and Eugene Levy (Jim’s Dad from American Pie).The actors, while not A-list, are all recognisable from their regular work in movies, and deliver solid performances. I was really surprised by Seann’s performance as the idiot, but lovable brute Doug.

The movie, while not hilarious, is definitely funny even if you feel a bit bad for laughing at times. Most of the humour comes from Doug being so bad at understanding things, but you learn that it’s ok to laugh since you’re not laughing at Doug, but simply at the situations he finds himself in. The rest of the humour comes from Ryan’s unstoppable and foul verbal diarrhea, which may offend sensitive viewers.

The other thing that may offend sensitive viewers is the violence in this movie. While not frequent, the ice hockey brawls can get quite intense, with teeth getting knocked out and faces regularly getting bashed in.

Movie Rating: A predictable but highly entertaining sports comedy. A great performance by Seann William Scott as the violent, dumb, but none-the-less lovable Doug lifts this above it’s predictability.


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