Geek Out! Gecosports: E-Sports in Cape Town

If you were a console gamer in Cape Town’s southern suburbs and into competitive gaming, The Box was the place to go. I only discovered it a few months before it closed, during which I only popped in once or twice to say hi to people I knew. When The Box did close, it left many of The Box regulars without a place to hang out and compete.

Enter Gecosports.

What is Gecosports? Gecosports is an e-sports club started by Marlon Sasman and Gareth De Bruyn. I hesitate to call it The Box V2, but it some ways it is. It’s a venue that’s been created to give competitive gamers a space to meet, socialise, and take each other on, instead of just sitting at home playing against each other online. Where it takes things beyond what The Box offered, is that it’s officially registered with Mind Sports South Africa, or MSSA. What is the MSSA? Here’s a bit of general info, taken from the MSSA website:

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is an affiliate of the South African Confederation of Sport and Olympic Committee (SASCOC).

The MSSA is responsible for the good governance and promotion of Historical figure games (also known as wargames), Board games (such as Diplomacy, Checkers, Draughts, Morabaraba, SesothoMorabaraba, etc), and Computer games (whether they are played on ‘cell phones, Sony® PSP’s, personal computers or similar). 

This means is that you can enter one of the various tournaments at Gecosports, and if you win, you are registered with Gecosports Pro and the MSSA. If you are serious about gaming, this is a pretty big deal as you can then enter local or national MSSA tournaments.

Even though I heard about Gecosports last weekend, I was out of action thanks to the flu, so I popped in today after my usual sketch group meetup to check it out. Here’s what I found:

I almost wanted to shout out “Tadaima!” (which means I’m home in Japanese) but I didn’t.

After chatting a bit with the Cape Town Showdown crew, I got in a few games, which mostly involved me getting my ass kicked at Street Fighter IV and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. It was still a ton of fun and I can definitely see this becoming part of my regular Saturday schedule. Their pricing is ridiculously cheap, costing a mere R30 for a visitors pass. The visitors pass allows you to play games for the whole day, although the idea is to go there and hang out, not just sit and camp behind a screen for 12 hours.

So if you’re into competitive console gaming (PCs will be added in the near future), pop into Gecosports. They’re situated in Stadium on Main in Claremont, just before the Readers Den comic shop.


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