Cool Stuff: The Art of Journey


Journey was an incredible and different video game experience (My Journey review). The game was undoubtedly a work of art, and critics and fans around the world embraced it. I was really excited to hear that they will be adding to the Journey experience by releasing an art book that not only includes content from the development process, but will also include art created by fans of the game. Hopefully this will come in at a reasonable price, or at least have reasonable shipping for those of us who aren’t in the US or EU!


3 thoughts on “Cool Stuff: The Art of Journey

    1. It’s really fantastic Karl. It may seem expensive (I think it was $15 dollars or so when I bought it) in comparison to it’s length (about 3 hours of gameplay) but it’s really worth it. It’s beautiful, and I’m not talking about just the visuals.


      1. I just played it this afternoon (many thanks to Rowan for letting me hog his PS3 for the 2 1/2+ hours it took). An absolutely sublime gaming experience! Would love the artbook myself :).


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