Stephen Fry – The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive

I’m having to fight off interesting documentaries with a stick at the moment, but another one managed to sneak past me and popped itself onto my screen.

Stephen Fry, the great British comedian, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder (manic depression) after walking out on a theatre production in 1995. I was quite shocked when I heard this. Stephen Fry has mental issues? Well, time to add another artist/comedian/creative type to my list of awesome/famous/crazy people. I wasn’t a big fan of Stephen Fry back in the day, but you’d have thought that I would have at least heard about this juicy piece of gossip once I did become interested in his work. I had absolutely no idea until a friend of mine gave me the documentary entitled Stephen Fry – The Secret life of the Manic Depressive (referred to from here on as The Secret Life).

The Secret Life takes a look at bipolar disorder and how it’s affected the life of Stephen, a few other celebrities, and many other not-so-famous people. It discusses the issues that plague people with bipolar disorder and looks at how each of these individuals deal with it. Stephen also asks each of these people if they would get rid of it if they could, and the answer that most people have will probably surprise you. Stephen also travels all the way to America to talk to experts on bipolar disorder, to see if he can find out the truth behind it.

Having had to deal head on with mental issues of my own earlier this year, I found a lot of the information in this documentary eye opening (not just because some of it was applicable to me, but because some of it was applicable to people who I know).

Movie rating: An informative documentary that delves quite deeply into the issues surrounding manic depression. People who are suffering from manic depression/bipolar disorder, as well as their loved ones, must definitely watch this! If you’re interested in psychology and other diseases of the mind (i.e. all you armchair psychologists), this will also appeal to you.

Another great bit of news is that this documentary is readily, or should I rather say legally, available to watch for free online. I’ve included some links below where you can find it.



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