Geek Ink Thinks: Jeans in that size! Impossible! Nothing is impossible for Earth’s mightiest heros!

Even though I am on the path to getting Skinny-Ripped (TM), apart from some visible extra weight on my arms, I’m still a very skinny chap. As I’ve complained about before, one of the problems with being skinny is that it’s a major pain in the butt to find clothes that fit well.

I was reminded of this problem when I realised that I was down to two pairs of jeans that I can wear outside without getting arrested for indecent exposure. You’d think that getting a pair of jeans is a relatively simple affair, but the problem is that the jeans that fit me best are 28/30’s (28 on the waist, 30 in length). Jeans in this size are virtually impossible to find, even in stores that normally cater for skinny people. Clothing stores seem to think that if you’re skinny, you have to be taller than average. So most pants that are 28 on the waist, are 32 in length. And if you’re average height, you have a wide waist (that really just sounds like I’m politely talking about a fat person). So these pants are 30 on the waist, and 30 in length. Despite the almost legendary status of the 28/30 jeans, I have found them a couple of times before, and I was hoping to have some luck finding them today.

Sadly no luck was to be had on the jeans front, but I did find this little gem at Pick ‘n Pay Clothing of all places:

Shitty camera is shitty. At least the t-shirt is awesome.
Shitty camera is shitty. At least the t-shirt is awesome.

My crappy cellphone camera really doesn’t do this shirt justice. The quality of the t-shirt, print and colours is great. For this kind of quality, I’d expect to pay at least R120 at stores like Edgars or Jay-Jays. At Pick ‘n Pay clothing? R60. They also had a few other Avengers designs, some of them a bit more retro, some of them more modern. They were all pretty cool, although none of them leapt out at me like this one did.

My venture into finding Geek Friendly Clothing has been difficult so far, but I’ve managed to find some great stuff (or maybe it’s found me) in some really unexpected places.

Here’s a list of places that offer Geek Friendly Clothing:

  • Jay-Jays (usually my clothing store of choice, although they’ve been greatly disappointing in the last couple of months)
  • Edgars (very rarely do they carry clothing outside of their usual range, but I’ve seen them carry X-Men/Batman t’s enough times that I still pop by and look)
  • Pick ‘n Pay Clothing (I still have to see how they work out in the long run, but the stock they currently have is pretty awesome)
  • Mr Price (they sometimes carry shirts that are related to shows like Spongebob Squarepants and The Simpsons)
  • Gadget Time at Canal Walk (lots of little anime related accessories like rings and necklaces)

Hopefully this list will continue to grow.


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