Geek Ink Thinks: What’s that on your feet boy?

Considering how much walking this geek does (cars are expensive), it only makes sense that I would need awesomely geeky shoes. Sadly geeky shoes are hard to find, but at least Footgear has an awesome special going on at the moment (no, I’m sadly not getting paid for this endorsement). For R350 (+-$40) you can get 2 pairs of shoes. Normally this special means you have to buy 2 of the same type of shoes, which is super boring. This time around, they have about 8 different styles and brands of shoes that you can choose from, making it a much better deal. I needed a new pair of shoes, and I ended up walking out of Footgear with 2 pairs for only a bit more cash than I normally spend.

So what did I get?

The first pair of shoes that caught my eye were these:

I have pretty simple tastes when it comes to shoes and prefer they don’t have any shiny (pardon my French) shit on them. I really don’t understand the appeal of it. This plain black, gray and red (my favourite colour) design got my attention so I picked them up.

But Rowan, as cool as those shoes may be, there’s nothing particularly geeky about those shoes.


Which brings me to the next pair I got:

Sporting a simple white and red design, these Levis on their own don’t scream geeky or amazing. Yet. I saw these shoes sitting on the shelf and I remember that a friend of mine, Rayaan Cassiem, had done a custom Naruto design on a pair of Converse shoes (see below).

These plain white and red Levis are perfect for a custom design, so I picked them up as well. I have no idea what I’m going to draw on them yet, but I’m going to throw together some mock ups in Photoshop, and then go to work on the shoes with some markers.

I expect they shall be awesome.

Check out Rayaan’s other work at


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