Kuroko’s Basketball – Season 1 Review

As I mentioned in my first post about Kuroko’s Basketball, shounen (or boys) anime, does tend to get a bit predictable. Until recently, the only show that managed to take the typical shounen formula and really catch you off guard was Hajime no Ippo. Thankfully Kuroko’s Basketball has managed to capture most of the magic that made Hajime no Ippo so special.

Awesome animation? Check.

In order to avoid spoiling anything for anyone, I’m going to sum up in point form why I’ve really enjoyed the first season of Kuroko’s:

The Good

  • Excellent animation
  • Incredibly well paced and sometimes unpredictable story
  • Heart racing action
  • Awesome soundtrack
  • Characters that you really get into

The Bad

  • Despite some of the characters being awesome, some of them are have problems with stereotyping (for example, the hot-headed guy has red hair)
  • Not as ground-breaking as Hajime no Ippo
  • Does have a few problems that are commonly found in other shounen anime, such as hidden abilities and leveling up

So even if you’re not into sport, I recommend that you check out Kuroko’s. It’s definitely one of the better action shows to come out this year.


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