Geek Ink Thinks: Dear League of Legends

Dear LoL,

I must admit we had a good run. The hours I spent locked in combat on the fields of justice. How I used to match wits and reflexes with players all around the world. The rush of winning a close game against strong opponents. This was undoubtedly your best side, and it was magnificent.

But I couldn’t turn a blind eye to your darker side anymore.

The players… oh my God, the players. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve had my fair share of nerd rage, gone off the handle a bit at someone for being, well, an idiot. But I’ve never rage quit, never fed intentionally, and maybe it’s just because I’m a giant nerd, but I understood your systems well enough to have (mostly) decent games. That was until recently…

Feeder after feeder.

Rage quitter after rage quitter.

Troll after troll.

I’m just tired of giving… and not getting anything back. Maybe when you sort out your matchmaking so decent players can have decent games I’ll come back… until then, I guess this is goodbye.

Yours truly



5 thoughts on “Geek Ink Thinks: Dear League of Legends

  1. Do you report them? I always used to report the buggers under the thinking they will eventually get penalised somehow.


    1. Yeah. I report anyone who seems to be intentionally disruptive in the game. Maybe I’ve just been really unlucky these last few days but the experience has been truly infuriating!


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