Geek Ink Updates: OpenArt gets mentioned in ImagineFX, and future plans

The OpenArt sketchgroup in the December issue of ImagineFX. Go buy it now!

So for those of you who don’t know, I’ve been running a little sketchgroup (with a bit of help from a friend) here in Cape Town for over  a year now. It’s been a ton of fun and has helped keep the creative juices flowing. I’m hoping the exposure in ImagineFX (the December issue, on non-South African shelves now!) will help the group grow a bit.

One of the other personal projects that I’m trying to get off the ground is a movie club. I’m still not sure if I would associate the club with my “Geek Ink” or “OpenArt” labels (more likely the latter). The idea would basically be a movie night twice a month, where people get together to watch a movie, and then have a ball ripping it to shreds (or not as the case may be) over drinks afterwards. The trick is with these things, as was with the sketch group, is finding a co-host, and of course finding people who are passionate about discussing story.

If you’re from Cape Town and like to draw, feel free to like the OpenArt page on Facebook. I’m getting back into the habit of regularly updating the group’s movements there.

If you’re from Cape Town and interested in helping me host the movie club, you can also contact me via the OpenArt page, or just post a comment here.


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