Going to keep these reviews short and simple since there are two of them.

Beasts of the Southern Wild

The good

  • Great performances
  • Great characters
  • Interesting setting
  • Community in the story has a unique mythos

The bad

  • Some of the subtext seems a bit vague, particularly the link between the main character and the mythical Aurochs

Movie rating: A great film about a father trying to raise and protect his daughter in a community that seems to exist on the edge of reality. ¬†Some of the layers of subtext work really well, while other parts don’t. Definitely for fans of “magical realism”.

This must be the place

The good

  • Great performances (Despite the “Never go full retard” warning from Tropic Thunder, Sean Penn has another go at it and manages to deliver)
  • Strange/interesting characters
  • Off beat sense of humour

The Bad

  • Connections between some of the characters and events is weak, or at least not told very well
  • The above problem is particularly relevant to the ending of the movie

Movie rating: An interesting and entertaining movie that would have been better served if it had highlighted certain connections between the characters a bit better. Has an off-beat tone that reminded me of Wes Anderson for some reason.