2 movies, 1 day – Beasts of the Southern Wild and This must be the place Reviews

Going to keep these reviews short and simple since there are two of them.

Beasts of the Southern Wild

The good

  • Great performances
  • Great characters
  • Interesting setting
  • Community in the story has a unique mythos

The bad

  • Some of the subtext seems a bit vague, particularly the link between the main character and the mythical Aurochs

Movie rating: A great film about a father trying to raise and protect his daughter in a community that seems to exist on the edge of reality. ¬†Some of the layers of subtext work really well, while other parts don’t. Definitely for fans of “magical realism”.

This must be the place

The good

  • Great performances (Despite the “Never go full retard” warning from Tropic Thunder, Sean Penn has another go at it and manages to deliver)
  • Strange/interesting characters
  • Off beat sense of humour

The Bad

  • Connections between some of the characters and events is weak, or at least not told very well
  • The above problem is particularly relevant to the ending of the movie

Movie rating: An interesting and entertaining movie that would have been better served if it had highlighted certain connections between the characters a bit better. Has an off-beat tone that reminded me of Wes Anderson for some reason.


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