[K] – Anime first impressions

The new anime season started recently, and as I usually do, I’ve grabbed the first few episodes of the shows that have been released. Of the few shows I’ve taken a peek at, [K] is one of the first to get my attention.

Straight off the bat [K] grabs you by the eyeballs and says “Look at me!”. These guys definitely put a lot of effort into the animation for their first episode. You get roaming cameras, a fish-eye lense view, and some awesome 3D work. The show also has a very unique colour palette that almost looks like someone is running a magnet over an old CRT screen. It’s unusual, but it definitely works.

The soundtrack is also extremely catchy and definitely got my blood pumping in all the action scenes. Some of the music is distinctly Japanese however, so it may not be to everyone’s taste.

The story throws you in somewhere near the deep end. In the first episode you discover there are different groups, each with a different designated colour. These groups are made up people who have some kind of power to manifest energy in different forms. Some work within the law, others, not so much. One of these groups is looking for someone who killed one of their members, and is causing quite a bit of trouble in the process.

I’ve watched up to episode 3 and it’s definitely gotten my interest piqued. Who knows if it’ll keep me interested in the long haul, but if you’re a fan of action anime (and a fan of a bit of fanservice) you should check this one out.


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