Geek Ink Thinks: Jumpin’ Jahosaphat Batman! Look at that t-shirt!

After I left the movies today I had one mission: find a slim fit v-necked t-shirt, preferably in red.

As always, I seem to have a knack for not finding the clothes I want. I tried 4 stores and eventually discovered a few suitable t-shirts at Edgars. I found 3 red ones, small size with a slim fit cut. Only 2 of them were v-necks, but beggars can’t be choosers. The other red shirt had a regular round neck. I also found an extra small, slim fit, v-neck white t-shirt that was made out of an extremely comfortable fabric, so I figured I’d try it on.

I tried all the red shirts and to my amazement all three smalls were too big for me. This is despite the fact that I’ve put on 3.5kgs, most of which is muscle. The shirt didn’t sit on my shoulders properly, or the arms were cut way too long. The white t-shirt was a perfect fit, but the mysterious material it was made out of had one major flaw.

It was partially transparent.

Now if I was a young buxom female at my first college spring break, no doubt I’d be delighted! But I’m not, so delight was not exactly one of the emotions I was feeling when I discovered my nipples could be seen peeking through. I left the store feeling somewhat disappointed that I had failed to find what I was looking for.

Thankfully these apparel adventures rarely end in complete tragedy and I did find something to add to my ever growing collection of geeky gear. I stopped at one last clothing store on my way out and found this awesome t-shirt:

My apologies for the poor quality photos. The camera on my phone sucks, but it’s the best I can do. 

Batman close up
Batman close up

I managed to pick up this awesome work of art at Mr. Price at Cavendish. I don’t know why, but just like my Avengers t-shirt this only set me back R60. The fabric is good quality, and the print is also damn decent. The image isn’t going to fade or disappear any time soon.

So I left the mall, and even though my original mission was a failure, this unexpected find made it worth my while.


2 thoughts on “Geek Ink Thinks: Jumpin’ Jahosaphat Batman! Look at that t-shirt!

    1. Sadly I don’t know if these are still on sale. They definitely don’t carry them at the store I bought them from any more.


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