Well, I used to think little screaming children at the movies were bad enough, but yesterday I discovered there is something else just as bad, or maybe even worse. After my original plans for the afternoon fell through, I decided to go catch Skyfall. I booked a ticket, killed some time at the bookstore and then returned to the cinema to find my seat.

Shortly after I’d settled in an elderly gentleman and his wife sat down next to me. The movie started and, like most Bond movies, it started off with a bang. I noticed a strange noise a couple of minutes later above all the explosions, crashing, and gunshots.

Someone was snoring.

I looked over to my left and the the elderly lady was fast asleep, her head back and her mouth wide open. Her husband seemed oblivious to this (no doubt all those years of sleeping next to her had made him immune). I noticed I was not the only one who was getting more than a little bit annoyed at this little situation. People were glancing over giving the couple dirty looks, but in all honesty they looked so old (despite the wife’s dyed hair) that I doubted they really gave two shits.

The wife woke up after a couple of minutes, but this cycle of snoring and waking up repeated itself a few times. After this happened a fourth time I was about to lean over and say something when the husband reached over and woke his wife up. Thankfully, there was no snoring for the rest of the movie. Instead the rest of the audience had the pleasure of the husband commenting on random events and asking his wife what was going on.

Having grown up with three old ladies, I understood that this was par for the course in a house that was essentially a geriatric home. I didn’t expect this to happen at a cinema barely an hour after lunch!

As a result, my Skyfall experience was incredibly tainted, so I fear any review of it will be marred by the annoying elderly couple I had to put up with for over two hours. I will make a plan to go catch it again sometime soon so I can write up a better review. I just hope that it’s not filled with annoying teenagers texting away on their cellphones…