Not so masterful – The Master Review

The Master Movie Poster

I’m usually quite thorough with my movie reviews, but I really don’t feel like wasting much time on a review for this movie. Unfortunately The Master was incredibly disappointing and I spent the last hour of the movie wondering to myself “Where the hell is this going?”

The Good

  • Great Performances by all the actors
  • Interesting characters

The Bad

  • All the good things about this movie are undermined by a pointless narrative that ultimately doesn’t lead anywhere. At times it feels like the movie is just about the interesting characters doing random shit that doesn’t actually lead to any character development.

Movie rating: The Master has some great performances from some really talented actors, but ultimately the plot just seems to wander around without getting to the point. There also seems to be hints at certain things but there never is enough information given in order to define this information as a “subplot”. 


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