Before I continue with my post, I would like to say thank you to Tumblr for bringing me these fantastic images from Paperman, the short that plays before the latest Disney feature, Wreck-it Ralph.

Paperman 2

Paperman 1

Paperman 4

Paperman 5

Paperman 6

Paperman 7

Paperman 8

Paperman 9

Now, I need to ask you: is this 2D (hand drawn) or 3D (computer generated) animation?

The correct answer would be 3D, but don’t feel bad if you got it wrong. Disney has been hard at work creating this new animation technology that would fool most people. The advantage of this would be that animated movies that can be made quickly using modern 3D animation techniques, but that also retain the look and feel of more classic 2D animation.

While I knew about this tech before I saw these images, as well as some of the more subtle aspects of 3D animation that still come through, I doubt that most people would think these are 3D computer generated images at first glance, and I think Disney have managed to achieve their goal. I can’t wait for this technology to start filtering into their animated feature films, and I can’t wait for Wreck-it Ralph to hit South African cinemas on the 25th of this month! I’m actually more excited to see this short than the feature, (although I am pretty excited for that as well)!