Geek Ink Thinks: League of Ragers – Sometimes I hate League of Legends so much…

There’s one thing to be said about intense emotions (of any kind). They make for damn good motivation when it comes to writing.

So. I just spent the last 3 hours trying to get my “Win of the Day” in League of Legends. The “Win of the Day” is the reward that players get for their first (you guessed it) win of the day.

On average, a game of League of Legends takes 20-40 minutes. As you know, I’ve played for three hours, and I still don’t have my win of the day.


Out of the four games I’ve played today, one game I didn’t play so well, one game we were four vs five, and the other two games I played well. The two games where I played well we still lost because (and there’s no way to sugar coat this) my teammates were just bad. So very, very, bad.

In the first game that I played well, the team score was 3-22 (3 kills to our team, 22 deaths). You can guess who had the three kills. In the end I did everything I could but it seems that there was nothing I could do to salvage this game.

In the second game that I played well, I had a rocky start. But I was planning to do well in the long term, and made a comeback towards the end. Unfortunately, in this second game, we had a very weak player. He was so bad that he looked like he was intentionally throwing the game. I told my teammates to ignore this player because he was obviously trying to throw the game. One of my teammates said something to him (they both spoke a language I don’t recognise at all), and then translates into English “He isn’t trying to throw the game.” I was obviously caught off guard by this, because his score and his attempts at teamwork were below that of some of the weakest AI in the game. My teammate then continued to say “He just sucks that bad.” In the end, what made this game so frustrating was that even down a player, we were doing ok. The only reason we lost, was because of our one terrible player (yes, I am not being nice right now). I then checked up this player’s profile, and it made me stop and think to myself:

“Surely if you do something enough times you’ll improve over time?”

Now, I don’t claim to be the best player, but I’m far from being the worst, and I know enough that I watch some of the shit people do in-game and I go “What the hell are they thinking?” To put things into context, imagine if you were playing chess and someone just moved their queen to the row in front of your pawns. They didn’t take a pawn, they didn’t set up any kind of intricate trap. They just moved their queen in front of your line of pawns. You’d probably pause for a moment and wonder “Seriously?” Then you’d take their queen, and your opponent would curse under his breath, as if you had just performed some kind of tricky maneuver. You’d then think to yourself they must be new to the game. You’d then find out that they aren’t. In fact, they’d spent at least, yes, at least, 8440 minutes, or 140 hours playing chess.

Malcolm Gladwell is often quoted as saying that you need to invest 10 000 hours to master something. Fair enough. But if you’ve spent a minimum of 140 hours doing anything, not just a video game, and you don’t understand the basics of it? It’s something I really cannot comprehend.

Getting back to League of Legends: how would I react if I found out that you had actually played a fair amount and you appeared to be absolutely confused by the basics?

I’d just be speechless if you were my opponent.

I’d be angry if you were on my team.

So, to answer my question: “Surely if you do something enough times you’ll improve over time?” It seems that there’s enough people on this planet that can spend a minimum of 140 hours doing something, and still be completely clueless about it.

At least this video shows the humourous side to nerd rage.


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