Geek Ink Thinks: Adieu! I have too grieved a heart to take a tedious leave – A final goodbye to Cinema Nouveau Cavendish

It was with a heavy heart that I bought my ticket for The Intouchables, the last movie I would ever watch at Cinema Nouveau Cavendish. It really turned out to be a bittersweet ending as The Intouchables was one of the best movies I have ever seen in a very long time (a review shall be up soon). Part of me was wondering why I genuinely feel sad about this place closing, and then I thought back to all the great (and the few not so great) movies I’ve seen there over the years. One way or another, a lot of people have made a lot of memories there, and it’s only natural to feel a sense of loss.

Cinema Nouveau had thoughtfully put up a banner which people could sign, and some of the comments were really moving.

Cavendish Nouveau 01
Cinema Nouveau Farewell banner
Cavendish Nouveau 05
Cinema Nouveau Farewell banner
Cavendish Nouveau 02
Cinema Nouveau Farewell banner
Cavendish Nouveau 03
Cinema Nouveau Farewell banner

Most people voiced their unhappiness about Cavendish Mall Management closing them down, and a few others wrote about their history with the cinema. One comment described how it’s author had been going to the cinema for twenty years, and the question he followed up with was “Now what?”

Well, that’s a question I’m hoping to answer.

Every since I heard this terrible news, I was wondering if Cinema Nouveau had any plans to replace their Cavendish Cinema. I’ve been keeping my ear to the ground for any news, and haven’t heard anything at all. So I decided if Ster Kinekor wasn’t going to do anything about it, someone else had to. I have started work on an idea, that will hopefully become a business proposal, that will hopefully become something real. I will keep people up to date as things develop, but this is very much a long term project so don’t expect anything to happen overnight. I have also made an appeal to cinema fans, both online and on the banner, to get in touch with me if they have an entrepreneurial spirit, but time will tell if anyone wants to join me on this business adventure.


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