Geek Ink Thinks: The enthusiasm of youth

A friend of mine has recently started college and it’s been quite refreshing, but also kind of strange, to read her blog posts which are filled with such enthusiasm about it. When I was younger there were a few things that filled me with anticipation, such as saving up to buy my first video game, or going to Durban to watch Spirited Away on the big screen, or getting home to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles after school, but going to university was not one of the things that I looked forward to.


I saw it as a natural extension of school which I pretty much hated because it bored me to tears, and  probably also because it brought on tears for a completely different reason during my younger years. I only put up with school because I had friends there, and because I couldn’t bunk. My mother was one of the staff and if I hadn’t been in class she would have found out very, very quickly.

But the thing that struck me was that even though there wasn’t much for me to get excited about as a child (a shitty childhood can do that to you), and now that I’ve left all that horrible stuff behind, I still don’t get excited about very much. As an adult there are very few things that I look forward to with anticipation. Some of the few things that I have been excited about recently include:

  • Going to watch The Epicene Butcher after lucking out and getting tickets for a show that was previously sold out
  • Going to see Wreck-it Ralph since I’m an absolute Disney nut
  • Spending time with some of my super awesome people, one in particular who I barely ever get to see

People talk about becoming jaded as you get older, but I never thought I’d feel this way at the ripe old age of 28. As much as I know I’m an old soul (one of my old friends even gave me the nickname “old man”), it seems like a lifetime ago that I used to get excited about things like a new video games, or going to the movies, or even getting something tasty to eat. As a child I would go absolutely nuts for these things. I do not live an extravagant lifestyle by any means, but it seems that now that I’m an adult with a salary, the little things I used to get excited about as a child just don’t seem as magical, and part of me wishes that I still had that youthful sense of wonder…

Calvin and Hobbes - Magic!


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