Geek Out! Comic Con South Africa – Not the kind of “con” you were expecting

Comic Con SA
Sounds like a con alright.

I was checking my usual news sites earlier this week when a particular headline caught my eye:

“Comic Con SA: bringing the super powered expo to SA”

I think the only way to describe my reaction to this headline would be to say I just about had a nerdgasm. Unfortunately I was seriously let down a few moments later once I took a look at the article.

As I was reading, some major red flags popped up. Red flags such as

  • No mention of their sponsor, “Marvel SA”, on their site
  • I thought that Marvel SA died in the late 90’s, and only ever existed here as a printer and distributor
  • Roughly R150 entrance fee for the main day of the event
  • 3 weeks until the event launch
  • Less than professional looking website, with less the legit looking “sponsors”

I wasn’t the only person with a lot of questions regarding this article, and thankfully someone over at Lazygamer (turns out they aren’t so lazy) actually did some proper journalistic work and confirmed my suspicions. This wasn’t going to be the kind of convention you’d expect. Soon more articles started to pop up about the legitimacy of the event. One of the comic groups, They did this!, decided to pull out because they were also mislead regarding the event.

Eurotrash music has interviews with Gavin Mannion from Lazy Gamer, who highlights the main issues surrounding Comic Con SA, as well as some of the things he discovered. Eurotrash music also managed to get an interview with the organiser of the event, Tlou Ramtlhodi. Unfortunately, rather than helping shed light on the situation, Tlou couldn’t answer any question he was asked directly, which only seemed to point out that this event is at best going to be badly organised, or is at worst, an attempt to sucker people out of their hard earned cash.

To anyone reading this, my advice is to play it safe. Free Comic Book Day is coming up, and the Readers Den crew have an awesome event planned for us. You can check out my write up of their 2012 event if you have any doubts as to how awesome it’s going to be.


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