Geek Out! Free Comic Book Day 2013 at Reader’s Den!

I had planned to vlog about FCBD 2013, but unfortunately the sheer craziness of the whole thing and some nasty gremlins that got into my footage prevented that idea from becoming a reality. So instead I put together a small promo video highlighting what FCBD is like for us Cape Town people. It’s no Comic-con (yet) but the event saw massive growth this year: 2012 saw approximately 1000 people in attendance, and the 2013 event saw almost 2000 people pop by to check it out! 4000 people next year? Who knows?

The exhibitors area also saw an increase, with the local talent setting the bar fantastically high! We saw the return of Cotton Star, The Lil Five, Velocity, Reckless Buddah, and Juvies! Also making an appearance was Razor Rabbit with his new comic Wrath, and Kay Carmichael with her book Sophie the Giant Slayer.

The sales area that was previously in the central arena now has it’s own store! The only downside to this was the fact that I couldn’t scout out what was available before hand as it was all locked away behind two very secure doors.

And the cosplay! Cape Town’s cosplay community has been rapidly growing and they really showed up in force this year! The overall standard and quality of the costumes was great!

Needless to say FCBD 2013 was pretty damn awesome, and after having some drinks with some of the exhibitors, I was ready to call it a day.

But enough of me blabbering. On with the show!


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