Geek Ink Videos: My first vlog – Here’s what I’ve been up to…

So those of you who only read my blog will finally get to see the face of the guy who poses half naked from time to time.

Here’s the text from the video description:

So this is my first prototype. I’ve already gotten some feedback which includes:

  • Adjust the text that appears on screen (changed the font and adjusted the brightness so it’s less harsh).
  • Increase the duration that some of the text is on screen (updated).
  • Add more interesting items to the background to balance out the right of the screen which is very busy.
  • Add more interesting items to the shelving in the background and remove some of the clutter.
  • Watch the framing (I tend to slouch a bit at my pc when I get comfortable).
  • Try split the video so that it’s more suitable for Youtube audiences (I plan to redo this video and split it into several videos that focuses specifically on each question).
  • Add more interactivity if possible.
  • Apologies for the typos and displacement on a couple of the comments. I have no idea how those snuck through since they weren’t in my other version.
  • On the positive side, pretty much everyone who has seen this so far says it’s actually incredibly watchable and the 20 minutes flies by.

I decided to upload this video so I can get feedback from other people who may or may not know me. Constructive criticism is welcome, so feel free to add your 2c in the Youtube comments, or on my WordPress blog or Facebook.


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