Geek Ink Thinks: Five things I like about Pietermaritzburg


Before I moved to Cape Town, I used to live in a little city not too far from Durban called Pietermaritzburg. One of the main reasons I moved was because I’d spent the first 23 years of my life in good old Maritzburg and I needed to get the hell out (small town vibes and all that). Now that I’ve been out for 6 whole years, there are a few things I miss about the place.

Here are five of those things:

1) Everything is cheaper

So today I went clothes shopping and picked up a pair of jeans, two t-shirts, and a few pairs of boxers and socks for under R500 ($50). The jeans and two t-shirts on their own would have easily demolished R500 of my hard earned cash back in Cape Town. Booze is also a lot cheaper here than in the Cape, which doesn’t really matter much to me anymore since I rarely ever drink these days. But at least if I wanted to get hammered, I could do it at about half the price it would set me back in Cape Town.

2) It’s so green

Even though the man made parts of the city really look terrible in certain areas, at least the city is still fairly green. You can drive down most streets that aren’t absolutely dead center of the city and it’ll be lined by jacarandas or some other form of greenery.

3) It’s where I grew up

Pure nostalgia here. I also enjoy my trips back since I get to look at how things have moved forward or changed (Hey, look! There’s two McDonalds now).

4) Twice a year I get to pretend I’m basically a kid with a drivers license

Sleeping in late. Meals are cooked. No work (unless I want to do it). Yup, it’s good to come home and get spoilt rotten.

5) Kara Nichas

Most people who are reading this and aren’t from Natal are probably scratching their heads and going “Huh?”. Kara Nichas is an Indian place that specialises in vegetarian Indian takeaway. Not only is it cheap (see point one) but it’s also tasty and pretty healthy. They serve breyani, bunny chows, roti rolls, and curries for almost cost price. To give you an idea of how cheap it is you can get a breyani tub (which looks roughly the same size as a 500ml butter tub) for R7.00 (oh the horror, it’s doubled in price in 6 years). So for R15 ($1.50) you can get some veg breyani and a coke. If Kara Nichas opened up in Cape Town, I would simply stop cooking.

As much as I would like to say there’s much more I like about Pmb, there really isn’t. So expect part two, “Five things I don’t like about Pietermaritzburg” very soon!


3 thoughts on “Geek Ink Thinks: Five things I like about Pietermaritzburg

  1. I’m a former Natal boy myself, I recently visited old family friends in Hilton, just outside of ‘Maritzburg and the I was tripping nostalgia pretty hard!

    Also, there is a Kara Nichas at WITS… many a meal was bought there on lazy days in the animation department!


    1. I had no idea you were from this neck of the woods! You go to school here?

      Also had no idea Kara Nichas existed outside of Natal. Maybe one day they’ll migrate to the Western Cape.


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