Cool Stuff: The Writers Guild of South Africa releases its first online magazine

WGSA Online Mag Issue 1
The cover of WGSA online Mag

My past experience with certain people involved in the Writers Guild of South Africa (WGSA) hasn’t been great. I’ve attended several development programs run by peope involved in the WGSA which have either promised a lot and underdelivered, or have been complete dead ends. Now I’m not going to put the blame on anyone in particular, but it has left me with a bit of a sour taste in my mouth.

But I like think that I am no fool, so I keep my ear to the ground and take a look through their frequent newsletters on the off chance that something worthwhile pops up. I was reading their newsletter today and was surprised to hear that they had launched the first online issue of their magazine WGSA MAG (in all honesty I didn’t even realise they had a print version). Anyway, I clicked the link expecting it to be like my past experiences with certain members of the WGSA: disappointing at best, utter trash at worst.

Turns out it’s not either of these things.

I haven’t read the magazine from cover to cover but I paged through looking for any articles that I might find interesting. I ended up stopping to read quite a few pieces. Here are a few of the articles I enjoyed:

  • A car chase too far: What SA film can’t learn from Hollywood
  • Filmmakers must wise up
  • Every young filmmaker’s fears
  • Triggerfish’s game plan

The magazine is a good combination of editorial pieces, news, and tips for writers and filmmakers, whether you’re established or up-and-coming. Of course there’s articles I had absolutely zero interest in (a few of the articles about local productions or local film politics didn’t grab me at all), and the ads are a bit annoying, but I can also say this about some of my favourite publications that I pay good money for.

So if you’re an aspiring filmmaker or writer, be sure to take a look at the magazine. I was going to suggest you sign up for their newsletter, but it seems you can’t do so directly on their website (I might be mistaken, but I couldn’t find it). For those of you who like the mag and want to keep up to date, hit the +Follow button on the top left and I’ll make sure to link to the mag with each new issue.


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