General Zod! What does the scouter say about his power level? – A Man of Steel Review

ManofsteelMan of Steel has been on the cinema circuit for a while, but I didn’t want to ruin the experience and watch it at the only crappy cinema in Pietermaritzburg. Thankfully the universe took pity on me and I managed to get to Gateway to watch the latest incarnation of Superman with a friend of mine. Gateway is also the only cinema in South Africa (that I know of) that is blessed with the latest Dolby surround sound system, Atmos, so that was an added bonus for being patient.

So no doubt most people will have seen it by now so I’m going to keep this review short and sweet for those of you who haven’t but are thinking about it.

The Good

  • The best Dragonball Z movie never made (the last act of the movie just screams Goku vs Vegeta)
  • Enough going on with the characters to be interesting
  • Amazing visuals
  • Awesome sound

The OK

  • There are some issues with character development – this movie would have probably been better off being a little bit more chronological, instead of using flashbacks to demonstrate key points in Kal-El/Superman’s development…
  • … or using flashbacks and tying the scenes more into the idea of “people being afraid of the unknown” and some of the issues Superman has to deal with growing up since some of the flashback sequences don’t really tie in with the themes all that well

The Bad

  • As with Snyder’s previous movies (Sucker Punch, 300, Legend of the Guardians, Watchmen) it’s a case of style over substance

Movie Rating: Man of Steel is better than I expected, but don’t expect it to be a huge leap for director Zack Snyder. It’s still very much style over substance, but at least Snyder made a better attempt at getting characters right here.


4 thoughts on “General Zod! What does the scouter say about his power level? – A Man of Steel Review

  1. I watched the original superman 1974 again. My favorite part was when the robber shoots at Louis, superman catches the bullet barehanded and then pretends to feint. Also Superman’s altercations with Lex Luthor was entertaining.

    To me, the new superman didn’t have any human qualities, he was a alien from the beginning of the movie all the way through. I don’t know why I can enjoy watching Vegeta power up an entire 30min episode, but the non-stop action in Man of Steel was too much for me.

    I felt like then needed to slow things down a bit and show some more of superman interacting with humans on a human level.


    1. Yeah. If they’d shown something during his childhood to make him truly realise that people might turn on him then his father’s words would have had more impact. Instead he simply listens to what he’s told without ever testing his boundaries. Kind of reminds me of that whole thing about when you break an elephants spirit when it’s young, even when it’s older and stronger it will still obey as if it was a weak baby.


      As a simple action movie, it works, but I would have done things a bit differently, like maybe having Zod come into the movie earlier as more of a father figure to Clark, instead of his father’s “ghost”. Have Clark bond with Zod and then Clark discovers that Zod plans to terraform the planet. This would have had far more impact since it would have resulted in the death of two father figures that he knew, and would have made the final scene have far more impact.




    Finally saw the movie last night. Although the action since were over the top, I think they are appropriate given that Superman has been known to survive a nuclear blast. Anything less would be child’s play for him. Very disappointed that yet another Superman rendition chooses to kill off Pop Kent. As a Superman fan, I have always felt that Clark’s ongoing relationship with his earth parents are very quintessential to his boy scout persona. I could have forgiven that but what I can’t forgive is the ending. Superman does not kill, period, and he would never kiss Ms Lane in public (did I mention that i’m a fan).

    Did anyone else spot the Lexcorp truck? Does this mean we will finally be treated a more accurate version of Superman’s greatest nemesis. We can only hope.



      Yeah I spotted it. Hits the street, bounces off it, flies through the truck, and then rushes back out again to face Zod.

      I agree with you on the whole Pop Kent thing. It just felt way too much like Snyder killed him off to make him the Uncle Ben of the Superman movies.


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