This post has been updated.

Imagine my surprise today when I was browsing Takealot’s computer section and I saw a Wacom logo on their banner. “Wait a minute”, I thought to myself. “Hadn’t they stopped selling Wacom products?”

Back when Takealot was still Take2 they had an import service which allowed you to get products from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk. Then their import service stopped, taking a lot of awesome products (including a huge range of Wacom items) with it. There were a few places that stocked a few Wacom items, but no store (online or otherwise) could match Take2s old range.

Fast forward into the future and they’ve built up a small, but reasonable range of Wacom products. It’s mostly their low and middle range hardware, but it’s better than nothing, or at very least better than paying the huge markup that most retail stores place on Wacom products. They carry the Bamboos, Intuos5, Inkling and their accessories. No Cintiqs on offer yet but considering how niche (and expensive) these are this comes at no surprise.

Now before this starts to sound like an advertisement for Takealot, I will mention that Kalahari also carries some of these items, as do some smaller online stores that I am not so familiar with. Kalahari is a bit more expensive on their low end hardware, and a fair bit more costly on the mid range Wacom products. There is also the Wacom’s Distributor South Africa Facebook page, although this links you to DDS (Direct Distribution Services) which is a supplier. This is only semi-helpful since (as far as I know) DDS won’t sell direct to the public, but at least they’ll probably tell you where you can buy it. This just in, DDS do sell to the public, and apparently have pretty great service. You can also give a Cintiq a test run if you’re thinking about buying one from them.

So if you’re looking to get a new tablet and have the budget for a Wacom, be sure to check out Takealot. And if you find them at a cheaper and reliable source elsewhere please be sure to let me know so I can update this post.