Every human being we save is one less zombie to fight – A World War Z Review

World War Z Poster

Judging from the trailer, World War Z seems to sell itself as an action heavy zombie flick. While World War Z does have a decent amount of action, it’s thankfully a bit more intelligent than expected.

World War Z is the story of Gerry (Brad Pitt), an ex-UN investigator whose ordinary family life is turned upside down by the outbreak of a strange disease. This disease turns people into undying creatures who have only one desire: to transfer the disease into the body of another human by biting them. After the outbreak starts ravaging every major city across the world, Gerry’s former employers contact him and offer him and his family a chance to survive. There’s only one catch. After bringing his family to a safe area, they need him to find the source of the outbreak, wherever it may be.

The Good

  • Incredibly tense and engaging start
  • Great pacing, with a good balance between moments of calm and moments of tension
  • Interesting characters
  • Good performances
  • Nice visuals
  • Great use of sound, particularly in the more tense horror scenes
  • It’s quite intelligent, having more in common with zombie movies like 28 Days Later than zombie movies like Dawn of the Dead

The OK

  • The story feels is a little bit disjointed in places
  • The ending is an obvious setup for sequels, but is reasonably satisfying

The Bad

  • Except for the title, it’s nothing like the book, so adjust your expectations accordingly

Movie Rating: A reasonably intelligent zombie movie that does a good job of engaging the audience. It strikes a good balance between pure action and horror, as well allowing for moments of calm before dumping audiences back into the emotional grinder.


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