Geek Ink Thinks: Time to put your money where your mouth is – One step closer to professional blogging

When I went home to visit my parents a few weeks ago, the subject of finances and my career came up as they usually do. While things are not as moving as quickly as I (and they) would like, I’m assuming (read: hoping) that the investment I’m putting into various projects will some day pay off. I explained to my family that these things take time and I am aware of many the issues they’ve brought up, but that they shouldn’t worry too much. If I ever tell them that I have to cancel my ADSL connection to feed myself, then that would probably be a good time for them to start getting worried.

Having said that, I did feel like I had been stagnating a bit so I decided it was time for my blog to move up a bit in the blogosphere. I registered a domain name so that my readers would have an easier way to get to my page and to show the world that I was willing to put my money (all $25 of it) behind the work I do here at Geek Ink.

Unfortunately was taken by some now defunct computer company in California, but thankfully was still available. Until I can figure out how to get, will be my main base of operations. I used the WordPress registration system simply because it was the most convenient. I know it cost me more than registering the domain name myself, but it also saved me the hassle of figuring out how to link my existing web address to my new one, which in my books was well worth the few dollars difference.

I also upgraded the WordPress appearance tools so I could do some slightly more advanced visual customisation. I would have loved to purchased a sexier theme for Geek Ink, but sadly I don’t have the fairly large amount of money ($50 or more) to spend on one. I should have some spare cash next month, or maybe even by the end of this month, in which case I’ll see if I can find one that’s good looking and affordable.

I am also looking at investing in an entry level digital camera to take snaps with. My phone takes absolutely atrocious photos and the “family” camera isn’t always accessible (particularly when my brother has taken it with him to the UK), so it’s time I picked up one of my own.

But for now, Geek Ink will have to be happy with this small step closer to being a professional blog.


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