Geek Out! Open Book Comics Fest 2013 – (Almost) 30 days and counting!

Open Book Comic Fest 2013 Poster

I blogged about the event the Co/Mix guys set up last year for the Open Book Festival which had a much larger turnout than I expected. Overall I had a blast, but there were a couple of problems. Firstly there was the overlap in sales/presentation area which made it hard to hear the people who were presenting or trying to engage people in discussion. Secondly, the venue wasn’t large enough to handle the huge influx of people that arrived during the peak hours. Thankfully both of these problems have been addressed for the 2013 event which will be taking place at the Homecoming Center in District 6. From what I’ve heard the sales and presentation areas will be on separate floors so that last year’s problems can be avoided.

Unfortunately Open Book Comics Fest 2013 isn’t here just yet. There’s just over a month to go and the excitement is building up. The organisers have an even more awesome line-up planned for us this with four days of events and workshops between the 7th and 10th of September. Some of the big names in attendance include Rico (Madam & Eve), Joe Daly (Scrublands), Lauren Beukes (Zoo City/Shining Girls/Fables), Zapiro, and many more. Also in attendance will be many up-and-comers who will be presenting their work including CottonStar, GEP, Juvies, Rebirth, The Lil’ Five, and Wrath.

We have FCBD to keep us busy in May, and at the rate the Open Books Comics Fest is growing, it’ll soon be a major landmark on many people’s calendars in September. Hopefully it will be that way for many years to come!

For a full breakdown of the events, be sure to check out the Open Book Comics Fest schedule


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