Eternity can be a curse… a man can run out of things to live for – The Wolverine Review

Wolverine Poster

Unfortunately I only have so much time and so I’ve only gotten around to seeing The Wolverine this week. I’ll keep this review short and sweet for the few people out there who haven’t seen it yet.

The story begins with Logan living in the wilderness, trying to deal with the guilt of killing Jean at the end of X-Men 3. A young Japanese women tracks him down and invites him to Japan at the request of an old acquaintance. Logan soon finds himself drawn into a situation where he must conquer his demons if he is to save the people he cares about.

The Good

  • Hugh Jackman, despite being a bit on the tall side, is otherwise perfect (again) as Logan
  • Good performances from two of the three female supporting characters
  • First two acts are quite interesting, reminding me more of Nolan’s take on Batman because it’s relatively grounded

The OK

  • The action was a bit flat, although there were a couple of comedic action moments I enjoyed

The Bad

  • The final act tries to raise the stakes and escalate, but ends up feeling flat by comparison to the earlier acts, even if there wasn’t as big a threat earlier in the story
  • Uninspiring final villain
  • The mutant who was a villain was a little bit boring, and the actress who was playing her wasn’t that great
  • A “Huh? How does that work?” moment regarding the an event that occurs between Wolverine and the final villain
  • I’ve always been annoyed by the inconsistencies regarding Wolverine’s claws, which I understand is because of the age restriction. He slashes at people and they die but don’t have a scratch, he slashes at the side of a train and it melts like butter. Just give us the R-rated Wolverine movie we all want Fox!

Movie Rating: The Wolverine, while being an obvious improvement over Wolverine: Origins falls extremely flat in it’s final act. This is very disappointing because I quite enjoyed the first two thirds of this movie. I also can’t help but feel that with a couple of minor script changes, this movie could have been a whole lot better.

Now before anyone calls me a hypocrite, yes, I was willing to forgive the problems Pacific Rim had, but I am not willing to do the same for The Wolverine. Here’s the thing: I was willing to accept some of Pacific Rim’s script problems because the action scenes in it were fantastic. In The Wolverine, there’s a lot that’s barely average, and unfortunately the good performances and the more interesting story elements aren’t good enough to make up for it. If you have to watch this on the big screen, make sure you have your club cards so that you don’t pay full price. Otherwise just wait for it to come out on DVD.


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