Geek Out! UCON – Cape Town’s First Anime and Gaming Festival

Ucon Cape Town Genshiken

Joburg has had the Icon Gaming and Comics convention for a while, and while we do have Readers Den’s awesome Free Comic Book Day event, Cape Town has never had an event that has specifically tried to cater for all geeky tastes right from the start.

Someone in the UCT anime and gaming club decided this wasn’t on and took it upon themselves to organise UCON. UCON is a geek festival which will include art, anime, cosplay, comics, card and video gaming, and will be taking place on UCT Upper Campus between the 14-15th of September.

I won’t lie. When I heard whispers about this event a few months back I was quite skeptical. This is a student organised event and Cape Town has already been burned by someone promising an awesome comic event but failing to deliver.  As it’s gotten closer to the time and I’ve spoken to more people, it seems that these guys are well on their way to hosting their first successful event. Some of the participants include Readers Den, 2Up Gamers, Zombie Gamer, Wizards, and many others. There will be lots to do, no matter what your geeky tastes are, including a cosplay fashion show, a maid/butler cafe, anime screenings, pc lan gaming, console gaming tournaments, card gaming, origami and sushi classes, and much, much, more.

For more information check out the Facebook event, or the UCON homepage. The organisers are more active on the Facebook page, so be sure to check it out first for the latest updates.


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