Geek Ink Updates: Geek Ink has finally found a place to call home

there's no place like home

Unfortunately both the and web addresses, which I would like to use, are currently registered by people who have either:

    • failed to respond (or chose not to respond) to my emails,
    • or who want me to pay more than I should be paying for the web address

Both the web addresses I wanted were basically being held hostage.

I refused to pay the ridiculous amount the sellers wanted for the address and didn’t have the money to pay a lawyer to get the campers off the site. So instead I made do by setting up shop at At the time I thought my pen name would be a good enough verbal symbol of the work I do here. However, after giving it much thought, I realised that no matter how much I wanted it to, simply wasn’t a good fit.

I came to this conclusion while thinking about what I should put on my business cards. No matter how much I wanted to work, most people would look at the address written at the bottom of the card and wonder “So what is this site about?”. While Rowango (imagine Antonio Banderas saying it) is catchy, and I do occasionally post about my personal life (read: drama), this blog has been and always will focused on geek culture. What does Rowango have to do with geek culture? While my pen name may one day become representative of geek culture in Cape Town, right now this definitely isn’t the case. If I told people I have a website called Geek Ink, I’m sure most people will figure out that my website has something to do with geek culture.

So after a few hours spent trying to figure out how to register a domain name, registering it, discovering that I would need to configure name servers using my web host’s control panel (which I am still figuring out), pulling my hair out in frustration, e-mailing my web host’s support team, and then finally getting a response early this morning, I am proud to say that Geek Ink has finally found a place to settle at

And if you read that as gee kink, you need to get your dirty mind out of the gutter.


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