League of Legends Championships season 3

Tonight, at 9.00 pm South African time, the League of Legends World Championship playoffs will begin.

UPDATED – The quarter finals actually start on the 23rd, the semis start on the 28th, and the finals are 10th of October.

The semi-finals will follow next weekend, with the finals being the weekend after that. I’m curious to see if the Asian teams will dominate (as usual), or if one of the Western teams will be able to mix things up a little. In particular, I’m keeping my eye on Cloud 9, an American team that has been dominating the American scene. Even TSM, the reigning American champions, were easily swept aside by Cloud 9’s onslaught during the LCS playoffs, making Cloud 9 the number one team in the US.

If you’re a fan of LoL, be sure to follow the matches on Riot’s Twitch stream or on Youtube.