It’s just business. Now f*&^@#% pay me! – A Killing Them Softly Review

killing them softly movie poster

When the UCON cosplay event finished early last Saturday, a couple of friends and I were left with some time to kill. We decided to check what was showing at the movies. The Labia (my friends’ cinema of choice) was only showing movies that people had already seen or weren’t worth watching, so I suggested we head to the Waterfront Cinema Nouveau. My first choice was The Way, Way, Back, but that had already started, so I suggested we watch Killing Them Softly, a movie I’d heard was pretty good.

When a card game gets knocked over by a couple of hoodlums, Jackie (played by Brad Pitt), a street smart hitman, is called in to find them and to punish them accordingly, so that the local gambling scene can start running again. Unfortunately for Jackie, the recession has hit everybody hard, including the mobsters who hire him to clean up after them.

The Good

  • Incredibly crafted tension
  • Great characters
  • The great characters are brought to life by fantastic performances by all the actors involved
  • Intelligent story
  • Funny and interesting dialogue (think Tarantino at his best)

The OK

  • There wasn’t anything in this movie that struck me as just “OK”

The Bad

  • The intense violence may be too much for some

Movie Rating: There were a couple of reasons that Killing Them Softly reminded me of Drive, but as much as I enjoyed Drive, I felt that Killing Them Softly manages to come across as a more entertaining movie. Despite the two movies having similarly dark subject matter and levels of violence, Killing Them Softly has a far more interesting ensemble of characters, more engaging relationships between them, and scenes that makes you laugh and wince at the same time . It also offers an interesting critique on American corporate culture, which was something I didn’t expect at all. If you enjoyed Drive, or liked Tarantino’s earlier work, be sure to check this movie out.


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