Cool Stuff: Riot Games videos

Riot Games Logo

Riot Games, makers of League of Legends, recently released two promotional videos that I thought were really interesting. They’re a game company, but they are expanding into other mediums to help promote the already mega-popular game.

The first video from Riot was done in an anime style and was used to promote the League of Legends Season 3 World Final. The production quality is great and by the looks of it, it’s done by the same studio who animate The Boondocks, Moi Animation. Moi Animation is an independent Korean studio, but they hire out their services to the Japanese animation studio giant Madhouse.

The second video is absolutely ass-kick piece of animation! League had experimented with another character called Vi earlier on by releasing an incredibly catchy and polished rock song. For their new character Jinx, not only did they hire someone to create a foot-tapping rock song, they also created a fantastic music video to go along with it.


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