Geek Ink Thinks: League of Legends – It’s more than just a game

League of Legends logo

UPDATE: HBO flagged the video with a copyright claim so I’ve replaced the original video with a short preview from HBO. If it pops up again I’ll be sure to re-link it for international viewers who can’t get cable because… well, they don’t live in America.

Check out this HBO piece on the growth of e-sports if you’re interested in an outsider’s view of e-sports and professional gaming. The video mostly looks at the League of Legends scene and discusses various aspects including the audience numbers, the dedication involved in going pro, and the issuing of athletic visas to pro League of Legends players. The video also touches on many other aspects of professional gaming.

Still think pro-gaming isn’t a viable career? Tell that to Spanish League of Legends player Ocelote, who makes about $1 million a year.

This is the case with 23-year old Spanish League of Legends pro Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez, who has said that he makes around $1 million annually.

He stated that the amount is made up of a combination of tournament winnings, merchandising income, salary, live streaming games, and personal sponsors.

Rodriguez isn’t a huge spender though, and insists “now is the time to save and help the family.”

I’m still amazed that professional gaming is something that will happen within my lifetime…


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