Geek Ink Updates: A quick update here at Geek Ink

time blur

The last two weeks have been hellishly busy so finding the time to put aside for writing has been quite an issue. “Why” you ask?

This has mostly been thanks to:

Work Deadlines

The last two months have been very busy at my day job since a lot of our projects were due at the end of October. Unfortunately, this became a bigger issue than normal because a few experienced people have left over the past few months. This mean that the few experienced writers left had to make sure the former employee’s projects made it through the pipeline on time, on top of getting their own work done. Unfortunately the newbies were unable to pick up the extra work since the newbies are… well, new.


Getting into Gold Tier in League of Legends before the season ends

Let’s not beat around the bush here. I’m pretty damn good at video games and have often felt that in a different time and place I could be earning money the way many other pro gamers are today. But for some reason I got stuck on the fact that my age (at 29 I’m considered over the hill) and location (South Africa, which affects our game latency, and is just a blip on the gaming world’s radar), would hold me back and I will never be able to achieve this. As a result my efforts have been pretty lackluster.

However, I recently discovered that a few younger South African League of Legends players have actually managed to get pretty high up in the ranking system and managed to get to the Diamond and Platinum Tiers (top 10% of the competitive players). After I discovered this, I said to myself “F#$@ that s&^%, if these little brats can do it so can I”. In the last few weeks I managed to go from Silver V (top 50% of the competitive players) to Gold V (top 20% of the competitive players).

Now I’m not aiming “to go pro” or anything like that, but I am aiming to get good at this game to help grow my Youtube channel. Also, I love League so I may as well combine work and play.

There was something else I discovered during my rise to Gold, but I’ll be talking about that in a separate post.

It's about damn time! Gold Tier!
It’s about damn time! Gold Tier!

Working on two art projects

I have one personal project and one commission that I need to finish soon. Both are overdue birthday presents but I am slow as hell when it comes to drawing. Unfortunately this lack of speed combined with my annoying sense of perfectionism is usually why I either lose interest in projects, or take forever to finish them.

Maintaining my regular workout routine

A friend who hasn’t seen me for a while made a point of teasing me about how big (muscular, not fat) I’m getting. He even joked that I should cut back on protein shakes or my willy will shrink. Thankfully that hasn’t been the case, and I’m glad that my consistent effort has been paying off.

Atomictoy BLGT Buttlord GT
HUGE! – A page from the Dragonball Z parody, Buttlord GT

Going out and actually being a social human being

In order to be a good writer, you need to live your life a little. Unfortunately, while I was out “living it up” I have discovered one major problem: I suck at bowling. No seriously. I have gone from third place in a recent game, to being dead last in my last two games. This will be rectified, no matter the cost.

It hasn’t been all play though as I did find the time to cover the Halloween Hybrid exhibition. I’ll be geeking out about that in a later blog post.

So in short, until I wrap things up, I’m probably going to be a max of one or two posts per week. Hopefully that will be sooner, rather than later.


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