You betray me, and I will kill you – A Thor: The Dark World Review


I wasn’t a huge fan of the first Thor. In theory it should have been a good movie, but I left the cinema feeling very underwhelmed. Does Thor: The Dark World learn from the mistakes of its predecessor?

In Thor: The Dark World (TTDW) peace has finally come to all nine of the realms. The people of Asgard celebrate this joyous occassion, but sadly this peace will not last. A threat that was driven into the shadows by Thor’s grandfather will soon return to take advantage of a celestial event known as the Convergence to bring darkness to all nine realms. Thor will have to defeat this threat, even if it means betraying Asgard to do so.

The Good

  • TTDW looks great
  • Cool action sequences
  • Good performances, as you would expect from the big names in this film

The OK

  • Mixed bag when it comes to the humour
  • The story feels stuffed with too many characters and plots
  • Villain had great potential, but felt slightly underdeveloped
  • Obligatory topless Chris Hemsworth shot

The Bad

  • Oh no, the earth is in danger again…
  • … as are 8 other realms that we don’t really give a shit about
  • A threat so great it will destroy multiple universes but none of the superheroes/super agencies that fill this world could be bothered to help Thor deal with it (Iron Man 3 had this same problem)

Movie Opinion

TTDW is a definite improvement over the first Thor film. TTDW has a stronger antagonist, and also introduces plot/character complexity to the film that makes it feel far more substantial. Unfortunately, TTDW goes too much in this direction, adding too much to the film without taking the time to develop it properly. Just to briefly touch on some of the issues that the movie tries to deal with:

  • Thor and his love for an earthling
  • Thor and his responsibility as successor to Odin
  • Loki and his relationship with his family (this has several points, but for simplicity I summed it up in one sentence)
  • How the antagonists are not too different from the Asgardians
  • Multiple realms that are threatened but we only see two (the universe of Asgard and the universe of Earth)

TTDW already sits at just over 2 hours so it would have been hard to properly develop all these plots/subplots, but I honestly felt that a couple of these story threads could easily have been trimmed from the film to allow more focus on specific aspects of the story. These ideas that were cut from the film could have been kept and used in the inevitable third Thor movie.

Overall TTDW is a mindless, but fun, movie that’s worth watching, just don’t go in expecting a film on the same level as The Avengers or the first Iron Man. (Update: just for clarification, I would put this film on roughly the same level as Iron Man 3, with more action and less jokes).


4 thoughts on “You betray me, and I will kill you – A Thor: The Dark World Review

    1. I haven’t seen Riddick yet, but at the same time I’m struggling a bit to recommend Thor to people. Maybe you can watch Riddick and tell me if it’s any good 🙂


  1. Iron Man 3 was pretty bad. That was a mindless time waste movie with lots of things (like StarK Mansion getting leveled and no Avengers show up) that make no sense in a post-Avengers world. Also – panic attacks? Really? When we spent 3 movies establishing how shallow and macho Tony Stark is. He should have been hip deep in alcohol and supermodels as a coping mechanism.


    1. After Iron Man 2 my expectations for Iron Man 3 were pretty low, so I got more than I expected. Iron Man 3 for me was basically a Tony Stark comedy special instead of being a super hero movie.

      I do agree that the plot had many questionable moments, but I was entertained. It was, like Thor 2, a “dumb but fun” movie.

      Not sure if it’s Disney or Marvel, but it seems that alcoholism is too dark for them to include in their movies. I doubt we’ll ever see that side of Tony Stark, even though that’s one of the key points of his story.


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